Keitai girl Performance

プライベート空間でのコミュニケーションをテーマにパフォーマンス作品「KEITAI GIRL」を制作。


 パフォーマンスは観客参加型で行う。舞台にKEITAI GIRLが立っており、バックモニターには電話番号が表示されている。観客自身の携帯電話を使ってその番号にかけると、KEITAI GIRLの衣装に内蔵されている通信機器が反応し、信号が衣装に送られる。そして衣装付属のLEDが光りスピーカーから音が鳴り響く。KEITAI GIRLに発信した観客は通話し、話しが出来る。KEITAI GIRL は発信元を探し出し、その観客を発見したら電話をきる。KEITAI GIRLには通話機能以外に、体を覆っているボタンを押すことでも光り音が鳴る。発見された観客がこのボタンを押すと終了となる。パフォーマンスでは以上のことを何度か繰り返す。



KEITAI GIRL (mobile phone girl) is an imaginary character created by Noriko Yamaguchi. KEITAI GIRL presents a futuristic image of human beings who have implanted electronic communication devices all over their body. The technologies offer expansive possibilities including electronic built-ins and enhanced audio capabilities. Yamaguchi was inspired by mobile phone phenomenon in Japan. Today, cell phones have many functions such as credit card, TV and video, MP3 player, GPS system, digital camera and e-mail. You are connected to the world with your tiny cell phone. It changed the way of communication and information sharing drastically. We are living in cyberspace connected to people around the world and losing physical communication and sensation. KEITAI GIRL is in a way a caricature of today’s people. Her body is covered with numerous keypads of cell phones implanted: she can communicate with anybody in cyberspace; simultaneously, she wants to be touched through the many keypads covering every part of her body. Her bodysuit suggests her lusts for physical communication and sensation.




SIGGRAPH Fashion Show

July, 26nd, 2006

venue:/ Boston, MA

Keitai girl Marching

Nov, 12,2008  

venue:Le Carrousel du Louvre

ICHIJOJI Underground

Aug, 22nd, 2009

venue: Galleria LUCE

Hong Kong Wonderland

May, 24nd/26nd, 2010

KEE CLUB Hong Kong and ARTHK 


May, 1, 2015

Yebisu International festival for Art