Oil painting

Heinewele Series



I express about existing women body in the world.

The body is Nature symbol once in a while. Heinewele too.

She is heroin of mythology in Indonesia.

She was bone from a fruit of the coconut palm.

Her father is Ameta. Ameta brought up her. 

She was growing up very faster. Her body was a woman in 3 days only.

More over, she took unnormal body. 

She could spit treasures out from her mouth and anal as her excrement.

The first, She gave them out to her friends.

They would be happy but they felt really bad instantly.

And then, they killed her.

Likewise mythology in Japan has the story like this.


The type of the story contain a similar plot represented by a myth about Heinewele, in which woman are killed by someone.

I feel that woman body is symbol which is society of human being.