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KEITAI GIRL NFT CELL launched 14,700 items in 2022. This is animation.

Based on "Keitai girl version H", a manga drawn by Noriko Yamaguchi in 2015.

Girl groups and idols are stealing your information- it’s easy to fall for the honey trap of seduction.

But why let normal girls take your data?

KEITAI GIRLS are the super cute special forces that steal your data and money!

But they are so cute that you don’t care! Better yet, the proof of theft will always be with you!

As of 2022, KEITAI GIRL NFT CELL has launched 14,700 items, with more planned in the future.

Rare model



We want to connect the relationship between the real Art works and NFT art.

Fasion, Instaration art, NFT art....etc

Let's make KEITAI GIRL world together!



KEITAI GIRL (mobile phone girl) is an imaginary character created by Noriko Yamaguchi from 2004. KEITAI GIRL presents a futuristic image of human beings who have implanted electronic communication devices all over their body. The technologies offer expansive possibilities including electronic built-ins and enhanced audio capabilities. Yamaguchi was inspired by mobile phone phenomenon in Japan. 

Road Map


1st      Community


You can join an epic story with KEITAI GIRL.

2nd      Exhibition


Let's enjoy an exhibition along with the realistic artwork.

3rd      Collaboration

You can collaborate with KEITAI GIRL. For example, produceing an exhibition, making accessories, and something to do. 

4th      License

Get some license for goods of KEITAI GIRL.

5th      Fashion

We produce a various fashion items which is headphones, suits and etc...

画板 2.jpg

©2022 by Noriko Yamaguchi

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