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KEITAI GIRL (mobile phone girl) is an imaginary character created by Noriko Yamaguchi. KEITAI GIRL presents a futuristic image of human beings who have implanted electronic communication devices all over their body. The technologies offer expansive possibilities including electronic built-ins and enhanced audio capabilities. Yamaguchi was inspired by mobile phone phenomenon in Japan. Today, cell phones have many functions such as credit card, TV and video, MP3 player, GPS system, digital camera and e-mail. You are connected to the world with your tiny cell phone. It changed the way of communication and information sharing drastically. We are living in cyberspace connected to people around the world and losing physical communication and sensation. KEITAI GIRL is in a way a caricature of today’s people. Her body is covered with numerous keypads of cell phones implanted: she can communicate with anybody in cyberspace; simultaneously, she wants to be touched through the many keypads covering every part of her body. Her bodysuit suggests her lusts for physical communication and sensation.

2003  ARTISTS BY ARTISTS, Mori Arts Center, Tokyo
2006  KEITAI GIRLS dancing ParaPara at Unravel, SIGGRAPH / club Roxy, Boston, USA
2008  KEITAI GIRL Marching at Paris Photo 2008, Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, France
2009  KEITAI GIRL IMEKURA Show, Gallerie LUCE, Kyoto
2010  KEITAI GIRL Performance: Hong Kong Wonderland at Art HK 2010  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
2015  7th Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions: See You on the Planet,Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

2003  Birth of KEITAI-GIRL, Gallery ERIO, Osaka
2003  Artist by Artists, Mori Arts Center, Tokyo
2004  Art as DEAIKEI-site, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka Kyoto Art Annual, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto
2005  Stars from Chaos, Spiral Hall, Tokyo2006  Bunkamura Art Show, Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
2007  Kisho Kurokawa – From the Age of the Machine to the Age of Life, The National ArtCenter, Tokyo
2007  Simulasian: Refiguring “Asia” for the 21st century, ACAF, New York, USA
2009  GEXTOPHOTO International Photography Festival,Spain
2009  The Tradition of the New, Sakshi Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2010  The Tradition of the New, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, India
2011  Becoming Cyborg, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2015  7th Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions: See You on the Planet,Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

First, I started to put keypad on my paintings.  Actually my paints did not have good reviews from teacher. I had to do something for getting way better than before. And then I made it. It was very shinning. Teacher changed their opinion. I tryed art competition and my art work was nominated. 


I wanted to put it on closes too. I asked my mother. She gave me one, it is nurse costume. Next I made the suit more and more naturally based on the body line. After that I also made photographs.

noriko ayuntamiento 2 copia.jpg

This is first performance of KEITAI GIRL in SIGGRAPH 2006.

special HP →


And I had the event for performace in Paris. This was opening event of art fair, Paris photo 2008. The event space was in Louvre Museum. It became big event.

photo:Takeru Koroda


The event is Art HK 2010 (Art Basel HK now). I had performance with opening events.

photo:Takeru Koroda

IMG_6238 コピー.jpg

Yebisu international Festval for art and Altarnative Visions 2015

photo:Yuki Takada


Next KEITAI GIRL Project

スクリーンショット 2022-07-20 173638.jpg

■3D Print Project 


3D view→



■Comic 1page art work.
Keitai Girl SAGA


■Comic : Keitai Girl VersionH (Japanese only)

year 2012-2018


■KEITAI GIRL original music
music: Kazunori Okuno

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